vineri, 3 iulie 2009

An Olympian Tragedy... (2009) - by CMS



by musictomyears

Intriguing, Interesting, Strange Mish & Mash Of Atmospheres & Sounds..

First track such peace and tranquility is heard. Second track, just incoherent noise to me sorry, on this one, that eventually calms down,and sounds more soothing, interesting and quiet.Next one, made me think of deep sea divers of people that explore under water and see creatures and fish of all descriptions..Chimes and bells ringing and whaling that is peaceful and tranquil soothing. Soothing sounds of the water ebbing and flowing. And the intriguing sounds of the harp playing. with echoes of the wind and creatures in the jungle chattering.
A nice concept of mixs and mashes of sounds and atmospheres to explore and enjoy. Let alone take on board..

by RebelRaiser

Atmosphères II

Construit à la manière de 18 Moments, des morceaux courts sur des textures sonores diverses, aux ambiances particulières et complètement différentes pour chaque morceau.

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