miercuri, 30 martie 2011

TriLoGiK - by CMS

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by cerin griffiths:

A smashing piece.Love the colours,symmetry and shading.

by  Mitchell Foy/ MianGian:

Dear Serban
Welcome to PIL. You have a wonderful organic style with an excellent pallet.
I can see you have been painting for a while and have moved beyond method and onto subject and theme.
I really like your ideas and feel many others will also enjoy your work.
They look like a lot of fun to develop with lots of great tonal play. I look forward to seeing more as they come.
all the best

by Paul Berkholst:

Such a fresh and beautiful painting!

by Julieann St-Onge:

VERY instresting piece of art!!Love the shapes and detailing.Great Colour,Uniquie style and concept :) 

by Eldrys:

Hi, love the concept, the abstract, the colors
the feeling, neat

warm regards


by Mark Bayliss:

A wonderful piece of art. Love the imagination, the colouring and the composition. Really good.

by biswaal:

you have your unique style.. love the work. congrats.. !