vineri, 2 iulie 2010

Agony and Ecstasy - by CMS



by michka

Black Mass

I recently discovered your music,which is really full of knowledge,experiments and a singular one!
There's a very fine work with the sounds,so the experiments seem to be precisally adjusted!
I imagine you have both classical and contemporary registers....
you're a great musician!
thanks for sharing!

by RebelRaiser

De l'agonie à l'extase

Ce qui est remarquable avec cet artiste, c'est les ambiances toutes particulières qu'il donne à ses albums. Il faut dire que la pluralité des styles et l'extrême richesse sonore est omniprésente et explique cela. Ici on passe du sombre, de l'étrange au carrément joyeux et pimpant voire très "sexy"( le 16). De l'agonie à l'extase sonore en quelque sorte. Un réel talent de créateur et un chef d'œuvre du genre. 

by musictomyears

Got My Attention From Start To End....

Hells bells.. what can I say about this, it is really like Agony and Ecstasy, when you listen, and check it out. From hearing a woman, sounding like she is having sex.. lol particularly in track two...And music that is deep, hypnotic, powerful and hypnotic, and very atmospherical. With choir like vocals and great use of the piano and drumnbass heard as well. Has great suspense, thrilling, thought provoking, soundscape music. And good use of industrial, spacey, new age, ambient music. Deep, meaningful and dramatic..

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